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Just Journal - Tulip Theme

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There is no better way to process your thoughts and connect with your inner self than to journal. Writing in a journal helps you to experience the blessing of clarity and peace in your life.

In our busy days, we often forget to stop and reflect. Just Journal is the perfect place to give voice to your thoughts and imagination or release the negative hurts you may experience. It includes:

  • Lined writing pages to record your ideas, hopes, and dreams
  • Space to draw, doodle, or mind map plans, goals and ideas.
  • Journal theme ideas and word lists to help kick start your journal writing
  • Inspirational quotes throughout

This journal can also be a place to celebrate small steps or big victories as you walk out your days. No matter what you put into this journal, it will become that priceless non-judgmental friend.

This product is available with a Tulip cover in both perfect bound and spiral bound 6 x 9 size. It is also available with a Coffee Cup cover in perfect bound 6 x 9.

$ 10.00 $ 12.95