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My Message is C.L.E.A.R. - Hope and Strength in the Midst of Life's Greatest Adversities

Gabriel's Foundation of HOPE

My message is CLEAR written by Gabe Murfitt with the assistance of Gigi Devine Murfitt is a captivating story that can be told over and over. This book is a wonderful account of a life that began with unspeakable disability. Gabe was diagnosed with Pseudo-Thalidomide TetraPhocomelia. He was essentially born with short arms and crooked legs. The front of the book cover shows a beautiful picture of Gabe and you can see clearly his disability. This is really not the story though. Gabe's story is not just about the physical limitations in my view although its right there in front for everyone to see, but rather the unseen. Its Gabe's journey and his thoughts, his feelings, his actions of how he dealt with a body that he was given yet a brain that is completely normal.

Gabe's story encompasses many avenues a young child or person usually does not have to go through which included many professionals in the medical world. Gabe has also been strengthed by the enormous assistance of family, friends and above all else a loving God. Gabe is not shy to acknowledge this.

However, it is Gabe alone that brings only his unique message that can be shared to others to NOT lose hope in their own circumstances!

Gabe writes of his motivational speaking engagements and shares his life story to many young people. In the book, Gabe writes of how these public/private schools and church venues speaking opportunities began when he was only in the 7th grade. Gabe spends a huge amount of the book and rightfully so on how he created a special word called C.L.E.A.R and used each letter to build upon his life's story.

Its an amazing and thoughtful approach that is easy for young people as well as their parents to hook their teeth into. C stands for Courage. L stands for Leadership. E stands for Endurance. A stands for Attitude. R stands for respect.

If you have someone in your life that needs encouragement, I would get this book and read it from front to end. Its also very resourceful and gives the reader additional information on helpful strategies for those that need a little more help that are physically challenged. This book will make you smile. I especially loved learning about Gabe's special animal friend RUTH. The book is worth reading for you animals lovers too! You will now want to go meet Gabe as well as Ruth by the time you finish reading this amazing true life account of a special young man.

$ 12.99